Our Group

iMENA Group operates online and mobile businesses for consumers and enterprises in the high-growth, under-served market of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), creating value for our users, investors and communities.
Our Group
We were established in 2013 with the objective of becoming MENA's Internet leader by focusing on early-win business models with large regional markets and barriers to entry, and enabling their growth and expansion through a regional platform of strategic and operational services.
Established in March, 2013
+340 people across MENA
3 regional hubs, (UAE, JO, SA) and operations in +10 countries
8 synergistic businesses in 3 industry sectors
Central strategic support and corporate development
Shared resources, knowledge, and framework agreements
Agile corporate structure and principal capital pool
Proprietary platform for regional expansion

Under-Served Market

Our high-growth, under-served market of MENA in general, and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in specific, rank favorably against other emerging Internet markets, such as Russia, South Korea, India, Brazil and Turkey.

357 million population - greater than the combined population of Brazil and Russia
2.7 trillion USD GDP - greater than Brazil, Russia, or India
152 million Internet users - greater than the combined user base of Brazil and South Korea
39% Internet penetration rate - enormous growth potential
74% smartphone penetration rate in UAE & KSA - highest in the world
34 billion USD e-commerce market - highest YoY growth rate in the world at 18% (Middle East & Africa)
2.3 billion USD digital advertising market - highest YoY growth rate in the world at 38% (Middle East & Africa)