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A regional platform that addresses MENA's unique challenges

Strategy and Platform

iMENA Group enables the creation, rapid growth and expansion of its businesses through an efficient platform of strategic and operational support. Our businesses benefit from shared services, knowledge and group engagements, allowing them to expand seamlessly and synergistically across the MENA region.
Strategy and Platform

Our Strategy: operating a fluid platform

Companies in the online industry face their most difficult challenges right after successful fundraising. For this reason, iMENA Group is active in contributing clear mechanisms for providing value through core strategic and shared services.

Our team has first-hand experience in the day-to-day tactical and strategic obstacles confronting Internet companies. iMENA Group taps into the expertise of its team members, hand-picked advisors and partners in order to assist its companies in their growth.

This can include developing business strategies, reviewing growth plans, optimizing operations, sourcing customers and strategic partners, recruiting key staff, and structuring transactions and financing. Typically, our team strives to support our businesses in any area where such support is deemed beneficial.

Our Shared Services Team assists our businesses in areas of financial controlling and accounting, human resources, legal support, planning and corporate development, technology services, and performance digital marketing.

iMENA Group also offers shared knowledge by leveraging our team’s extensive experience in the fields of investment and operations as founders, senior executives and investment managers to help in all aspects of company development as much as needed. That collective experience and knowledge has created invaluable insights and a large network of relationships, which adds a significant value beyond any financial investment.

iMENA Group also leverages its relationships with leading service providers in different industries around the globe, preparing framework engagements and offering back-to-back framework service agreements to our businesses in order to leverage economies of scale. Shared group engagements range from web/mobile analytics and optimization platforms, infrastructure and hosting services, to accounting systems and PR services.